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  Hello! We are one of the leading OEM manufacturers of CNC tools in China, with 20 years of experience in providing OEM services for world-class brands. We have advanced intelligent production lines and strict quality management system to ensure that each product meets 100% international precision machining standards. We are honored to provide global customers with a full range of solutions for CNC milling cutters, inserts, tool holders, fixtures and so on. At the same time, our cost is only 20% of the industry average under high volume automated production. This means that you can get high-end CNC tools at a significantly lower cost through us, ensuring a cost-effective product. We have a comprehensive export and logistics system to ensure on-time delivery, so you don’t have to worry about transportation and customs issues. We are looking forward to becoming your long-term strategic partner, empowering customers with technology and services, and creating a win-win future together!   
Carbide inserts are replaceable and usually indexable bits of cemented carbide used in machining steels, cast iron, high temperature alloys, and nonferrous materials. Carbide inserts allow faster machining and leave better finishes on metal parts. Carbide inserts can withstand higher temperatures than high speed steel tools.

Carbide Inserts for Multiple Materials
Economy Carbide Inserts
Carbide Inserts for Steel
Carbide Inserts for Stainless Steel
Carbide Inserts for Non-Ferrous Materials
Carbide Inserts for Heat-Resistant Super Alloys
Carbide Inserts for Cast Iron
Economy Indexable Turning Tools
Carbide Inserts for Boring Carbide Insert Holders with Coolant Hole
Economy Indexable Boring Carbide Insert Holders
Cutoff and Grooving Carbide Inserts
Indexable Cutoff and Grooving Carbide Inserts
Indexable Grooving and Profiling Carbide Inserts
High-Performance Threading Carbide Inserts
High-Performance Grooving Carbide Inserts
Economy Indexable Threading Tools
Carbide Inserts for Internal Profiling Carbide Insert Holders
Carbide Inserts for Replaceable Carbide-Insert End Mills
Replaceable Carbide-Insert Face Milling Cutters
Carbide Inserts
Carbide Inserts Product Show
Carbide Inserts Product Show
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Carbide Inserts Product Show
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Carbide Inserts Product Show
OEM services for global CNC tool brands
OEM services for global CNC tool brands

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We have been engaged in precision manufacturing since 2000, and we are committed to personnel training, product development, technology development and equipment renewal, steadily growing into one of the outstanding companies in China for precision tools.


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