Indexable Inserts

Turning Inserts
Milling Inserts
Grooving Inserts

Indexable Holemaking& Milling

Indexable Insert Drills
Indexable Chamfer & Angle End Mills
Indexable High-Feed End Mills

Indexable Turning,Cut-Off & Grooving

Indexable Boring Bars
Indexable Grooving Blades
Indexable Grooving Toolholders

Solid Cutting Tools

Circuit Board Drill Bits
Square End Mills
Ball End Mills

Indexable Inserts

Indexable Milling

Indexable Holemaking & Indexable Threading

Indexable Turning, Cut-Off & Grooving

Holemaking & Milling & Threading & Toolholding & Turning & Boring

     Kyocera Precision Tools is a global supplier of the highest-quality indexable and solid carbide cutting tools. With a focus on advancing productivity through the constant development of innovative new products, Kyocera offers a full lineup of cutting tools for the automotive, aerospace, medical, power generation, oil & gas, and printed circuit board markets.

About Us

We have been engaged in precision manufacturing since 2000, and we are committed to personnel training, product development, technology development and equipment renewal, steadily growing into one of the outstanding companies in China for precision tools.


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