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As of today

    We have entered into cooperation with nearly 20 first-tier brands worldwide to provide OEM services for milling cutters, carbide inserts, toolholders, toolholders and threading tools. The products produced are sold to nearly 50 countries and regions around the world.
      We provide oem manufacturing for global first-tier brands with higher quality and best-in-class technology, maximising the benefits for industry peers from R&D, design, manufacturing, testing and delivery.

Our Story

        At the beginning of the 21st century, which is also the fourth stage of China’s reform and opening-up process, the pace of China’s development has accelerated dramatically. In the tide of the country’s overall development, all industries in China have achieved superimposed growth, especially in the CNC tool industry, this growth trend is more obvious.

      At the beginning of 2000, Shanghai, friends working in the public, told me a thing, CNC tools in China’s huge demand, unlike other processing tools, CNC tools are considered consumables, as long as engaged in the processing industry, will use every day, and at this time, China’s demand is more huge. After some understanding, I decided to start a business, but at that time a poor, the whole industry is not understanding, but also no way to start, only through various channels to inquire about understanding, a foreign brand agent by mistake, but I was even a decent office is not, I only have a bedroom in Shanghai, the daily food, drink, sleep are in this small room.

      Thanks to the rapid growth of the Chinese market, my sales jumped from zero to hundreds of thousands of dollars in just three months. It also allowed me to move from a bedroom into a bright and spacious Shanghai office, and we had our first employee, Jiang Chao Gang, to start my entrepreneurial journey.

       From the agency of a brand to the agency of more than ten foreign brands, we only used more than three months, during this period, we also reached cooperation with more Chinese brands, in that period of time, the daily busy slowly by the high price of foreign brands and technology monopoly of these core things despondent, for the first time the idea and impulse to build their own factories to engage in research and development to do brand.


      Half a year, we have the first technical staff, let us deeply understand, take the technology to do sales professionalism, this industry does not need any exaggerated sales skills, do not need colorful sales language, need is a product, the production of very suitable for the front-line personnel, whether the product is suitable for processing, not sales said, but the use, good or bad, which is by This is a real feeling that can be obtained by actual production and processing, not by salespeople’s words, and therefore, we have a deeper understanding of all brands of products from the technical level, from production and processing, which plays a vital role in our self-built factories later.


       Our staff also developed from one person at the beginning to 17 people, after one year, as our monthly sales exceeded one million, we contacted more customers and got more contradictory points from them. Imported brands formed a monopoly in the upper market in China domestic, Sandvik, Kennametal, Seco, Tektro, Sumitomo, Teguc, ISCAR, Mitsubishi and other imported brands in price make a large number of monthly Chinese enterprises that consume products are too burdened, while more Chinese brands have more or less various quality instability factors, the idea of whether our own production can provide customers with stable quality products, which also makes us again the idea of building our own manufacturing plant.

     For the mid-range domestic products, there are always various problems, quality problems, production problems, which makes us agent of the Chinese brand has been unstable, which is also another distressing thing, after an in-depth understanding of the exchange with the Chinese brand side, we learned that the reason things have become so, because of competition. Domestic brand development process, the technology of product manufacturing has been in the hands of a small number of people, thus making this small number of people in the market competition by the temptation of capital constantly, constantly jumping from job to job to job, thus leading to the Chinese brand side of the product quality is unstable, sometimes good and sometimes bad, thus affecting the production of manufacturers. In this regard, we formally establish the decision to build their own factories.

We built our factory in Shanghai

       When we set up our factory in Shanghai, we recruited technicians like any other Chinese company, but the salaries we offered were always at the top of the industry and this kept our products stable, which made it possible for us to have orders almost six months down the line and still have new orders coming in from our customers.

Relocation to Linyi

      In 2009, we made the important decision to move our factory to Linyi, a city in northern China, Shandong Province, which is not only my hometown, but also the largest logistics distribution centre and wholesale centre for small goods in China. Here I can ship our products to any part of the world and source high quality, low priced raw materials.

      Our lighter burden allows us to invest more money in our staff and give them more benefits. Our experience in Shanghai has made us realise that the stability of our products is crucial, so we put our employees first and see each of them as an important part of the process. This has resulted in a consistent product over the last ten years and has earned us rave reviews from our customers.

     Due to our solid foundation of building products that have been recognised by our customers, more Chinese brands have approached us for OEM manufacturing and processing. Our product quality is better than our peers, our prices are lower than our peers, and they stand the test of time, even comparable to imported brands. This is also the result of our continuous optimisation of product technology and continuous learning.

       A coincidence, let our products to the world. A well-known domestic automotive wheel manufacturer used a well-known European brand in the process of processing frequent broken knives, coincidentally its procurement contract expired, the production line has dozens of products involved in future bidding, in the trial process, our products stand out, in order to verify the stability of the tool, do months-long test experiments, before and after the consumption of nearly a thousand tools, from the data, the quality has always been the same. This made the technical director of this European brand curious as to what kind of tool product quality could be comparable. After getting contact details from the manufacturer, he contacted us, visited our factory and also met our technical staff and gave our products the thumbs up. We then made our move into globalisation with the testimony of quality, and we got an OEM order from this European brand. We also reached a cooperation intention with it, and every year a group of technicians will fly to Europe to exchange and learn new technology, which makes our technology in line with the world and on a par with first-tier brands.

Own brand "shanying"

      This year, we launched our own brand “Mountain Eagle”, which is a step forward in the globalisation of CNC tools.
      We have the leading technology of our German counterparts, stable conditions for technical production developers, consistently high quality products and the confidence that you will shop around and eventually purchase from us.

Looking forward to your arrival!!

     We welcome the same industry to communicate and cooperate with us, we can provide free samples for product testing.

About Us

We have been engaged in precision manufacturing since 2000, and we are committed to personnel training, product development, technology development and equipment renewal, steadily growing into one of the outstanding companies in China for precision tools.


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